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And just like that you’re gone.

It’s crazy how much can change. How a stranger, someone you never thought you’d ever meet, can all of a sudden mean the world to you and then go right back to being just that. A stranger. They became your everything and it seemed as if you were there’s. You start to learn everything about each other and they can read you like a book, know you better than anyone else ever has. You spend every second thinking about each other wanting to be with each other, and when you are with each other whether you’re going on an adventure, at a concert, watching a movie, or simply just sitting around all day doing nothing it is always a good time. It’s crazy, so many memories, so many promises, And then one day it’s all just gone. As if it never even happened. As if you never even meant a thing to them. And you start to see that person fade away from you and start to move on to someone new. Someone better. You wish you could be happy for them. And you are. But it’s hard when watch someone you have yourself convinced you’re so in love with love someone else. Everything that was once you and him is now him and her. Years can go by and you can still remember everything as if it were just yesterday. It’s crazy how much of an impact just one person can have on you. From the second they enter your life and even the years that go by once they’re no longer there. This one person can change you in ways you’d never thought you’d change. You never thought you could fall so hard for someone. But you did. And now it’s as if it never even happened, just like that they’re gone.


Wow! Thank you for the art, mcrmyechelon09 !

(via tonystark723)

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